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What is a Pronoun

What is a Pronoun? Definition and Examples

I welcome you to this post on pronouns. We have seen what Parts of Speech are but here we want to answer the question: What ...
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What is Grammar

What is Grammar: Grammar Definitions

What is Grammar? The word 'Grammar' is a word used by many who have not actually cared to know what the word means. The word ...
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Nouns and their Plural Forms

Nouns and Their Plural Forms

In looking at Nouns and their plural forms, it is imperative to note that the English Language comprises words derived from many other languages of ...
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What is a Noun

What is a Noun: Here’s All You Need to Know About Nouns

Welcome to this learning platform where we shall learn about nouns. What is a noun, you may ask? Well, there are various ways in which ...
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