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akademia.com.ng is an online academic one-stop portal that provides you with all that you need to know in the area of the English Language, especially in Nigeria where we are ESL Learners.  akademia.com.ng offers foundational and basic knowledge of English, in its various levels of study, to individuals from different walks of life: students at all levels of education, teachers and scholars of the English Language and all who seek to improve their knowledge of this widely spoken language in the world.

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In Nigeria, English plays a major role in our polity as our official language, lingua-franca, the language of education, judiciary, governance and international relations. It is, therefore, a sine-qua-non that we get a good grasp of it as it is our means of communication, interaction and social mobility.  It is the veritable means of negotiating our ways around because language is power and your proficiency in English, as far as Nigeria is concerned, will certainly open more doors of opportunity for you.

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The failure rate of our students in national examinations is alarming; many students are not ready to read anymore. There is a great decline in the reading culture. Our youth would rather stay online and fritter their lives away by engaging in unproductive activities when such times could be harnessed to their advantage. This is why this site is floated to encourage the learning English in a friendly environment, at one’s pace and in the comfort of one’s home with the aid of smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops and computers.

You have access to learn the rudiments of the English Grammar under our Grammar Category. There are common errors that Users of English as a Second Language particularly make and such are treated by our posts under Common Errors Category. In addition, there are other important items of information one should be aware of. What You Should Know Category, takes care of this. There is also the pool of knowledge tagged Repertoire! Welcome to the groove of knowledge of all that you need to know – akademia.com.ng.

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About the Author

Jaymz Boanerges teaches English and takes on editorial and proofreading tasks. His passion is to impart the knowledge of the English language to the teeming populace in Nigeria and beyond, especially students at all levels of education, so that they can acquire both linguistic competence and linguistic performance in the language, gaining mastery of and comprehending the nitty-gritty of the language. He believes Nigerians need to have a firm grasp of their first official language for more productivity in every ramification. Thank you for stopping by and we do hope the experience is worth your while! Cheers!