10 Examples of Complex Sentences in English

Such This post gives you 10 Examples of Complex Sentences in English. For you to understand what a complex sentence is, you will need to consult these two posts: Complex Sentence and Types of Sentences According to Structure.

Many readers like to have a block of 10 examples of whatever they wish to know. For those readers, I give you below 10 examples of complex sentences…

10 Examples of Complex Sentences in English

So here we go…

  1. John couldn’t travel last week because his wife was ill and because there was no one to look after her.
  2. She left after the game ended in order to beat the time and prepare for the programme.
  3. The frequent use of the dictionary tends to focus the readers’ attention on words when they should be concentrating on the main ideas of the passage.
  4. Before segregation could be honoured and considered duly proper and protocol based, a formal letter is essential.
  5. This collection marks a turning point in the field of digital humanities because, for the first time, a wide range of theorists and practitioners have been brought together.
  6. Malpractice reached a new low in the 2018 West African Senior School Certificate Examination when answers to questions were uploaded to candidates in the hall through digital platforms.
  7. Despite that this might have been the case, it does not totally confer innocence on the council.
  8. Patronize a restaurant of people who are different from you because it fosters unity and integration.
  9. When workers have few options for employment opportunities, they can get backed into a corner.
  10. We must carefully look at the position of the nation’s constitution on the issue of state police before we take a final decision on the matter.


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