50 Examples of Simple Sentences in English

Hello dear friend,  I want to show you 50 Examples of Simple Sentences in English.  Check out the post Types of Sentence According to Structure for clearer understanding of sentence. You can also take a look at the post I put together specifically on the Simple sentence.

50 Examples of Simple Sentences in English

So here are 50 examples of simple sentences in English…

  1. There are lots of simple sentences in English.
  2. Here are some of them.
  3. I have arranged my wardrobe.
  4. Where are you?
  5. Please, come in.
  6. Leave there now.
  7. Please go away.
  8. I kept the food in the fridge.
  9. He will give you his credentials.
  10. History is my best subject.
  11. What are you waiting for?
  12. Love your neighbour.
  13. The baby crept in slowly.
  14. She must have been crying since morning.
  15. Have you had your bath this morning?
  16. Give me a call tomorrow at noon.
  17. The man with his wife and two daughters came to the party in a new car.
  18. I will have to take the long trip on the train back to Sokoto.
  19. We did not hear your voice at all.
  20. The combination of nature’s gentle touch coconut oil and tea tree oil improve the condition of the hair.
  21. Nature’s gentle touch products are manufactured in Nigeria and South Africa.
  22. He has his specialisation in the grammar of English.
  23. She has been involved in the teaching and research in English grammar at the tertiary institution level for almost two decades.
  24. Nigerian women require specific hair care solutions.
  25. Hair conditioner is excellent for enhancing hair growth, treatment of hair and scalp problems.


More Examples of 50 Simple Sentences

  1. It is good to shop wisely.
  2. A genius he is.
  3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  4. Most people fry their eggs with tomatoes
  5. Water melon contains 95% of water.
  6. You should be happy.
  7. God is our refuge in times of trouble.
  8. An idle man is the devil’s workshop.
  9. Lagos is the centre of excellence.
  10. The pastor preached the message of love.
  11. Joy always comes in the morning.
  12. The election process in Nigeria is a very tough one.
  13. I have to go now.
  14. Lock up all the widows now.
  15. Mercy said no.
  16. Charity begins at home.
  17. People call me ‘Beauty’.
  18. Words seasoned with salt heal the soul.
  19. Patience is a virtue.
  20. Have you ever imagined yourself on a plane?
  21. The rain will surely fall today.
  22. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
  23. Get inside.
  24. Susanna misses her childhood days.
  25. These are some of the simple sentences in English.


You can also check out this related post: Patterns of the English Simple Sentence and Syntactic Elements of the English Clause Structure. Send in your comment, questions and observations. See you around.

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