Synonyms Words – 100 Examples You Need To Know

Hello friend, I present to you Synonyms Words – 100 Examples You Need To Know. If you want to be versatile in the use of the English language, you must be familiar with words and their synonyms.

Synonyms Words – 100 Examples You Need To Know

Find listed below synonyms words that you can read over and over again…

  1. permit (verb) – authorize, allow, consent to, let, approve, OK (informal), sanction, agree to, acquiesce to, pass, clear, give the go-ahead, give the green light, give carte blanche, give leave (formal), facilitate
  2. acquire (verb) – obtain, get, get hold of, get your hands on, gain, attain, buy, purchase, come by, procure, secure, pick up
  3. acquisition (noun) – gaining, attainment, achievement, getting hold of, purchase, procurement, acquirement
  4. acquit (verb) – find not guilty, clear, exonerate, set free, free, release
  5. acreage (noun) – land, estate, property, domain, possessions, acres
  6. acrid (adjective) – pungent, harsh, unpleasant, choking, bitter, sour, tart, sharp, cutting, caustic, bitter, vitriolic, mordant, trenchant, acerbic
  7. acrimonious (adjective) – spiteful, rancorous, discordant, hostile, unfriendly, harsh
  8. acrimony (noun) – bitterness, spite, rancour, animosity, hostility, unfriendliness, ill will, bad blood, bad feeling
  9. across-the-board (adjective) – comprehensive, sweeping, all-embracing, wide-ranging, far-reaching, universal, extensive, wholesale
  10. activate (verb) – make active, set in motion, set off, turn on, trigger, start, get going, stimulate, galvanize, initiate, motivate,
  11. acumen (noun) – shrewdness, insight, penetration, judgment, intelligence, wisdom, expertise, perspicacity, perspicuity
  12. massage (noun) – kneading, reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu, rubbing, manipulation, pressure, bodywork
  13. acuity (noun) – keenness, acuteness, sharpness, alertness, awareness
  14. acute (adjective) – severe, serious, critical, grave, important, desperate, dire
  15. perceptive (adjective) – shrewd, intelligent, keen, sharp, astute, perspicacious
  16. sharp (adjective) – sensitive, keen, heightened, finely tuned, discriminating, delicate
  17. intense (adjective) – violent, strong, excruciating, piercing, stabbing
  18. addendum (noun) – addition, supplement, appendix, postscript, P.S., codicil (formal), add-on, rider, afterthought

Synonyms Words – 100 Examples 1

  1. additional (adjective) – extra, added, supplementary, other, further, bonus, surplus, superfluous
  2. additionally (adverb) – as well, in addition, moreover, furthermore, also
  3. add-on (noun) – attachment, addendum, adjunct, appendage, supplement, frill, extra, addition
  4. adept (adjective) – skilful, skilled, expert, proficient, adroit, practiced, dextrous
  5. inept (adjective) – incompetent, inexpert, clumsy, ham-fisted (informal), maladroit (formal), useless, hopeless, unskilled, bungling (informal), heavy-handed, ham-handed (informal)
  6. allergic (adjective) – sensitive, affected, sensitized, hypersensitive, averse (formal)
  7. all-inclusive (adjective) – comprehensive, grand, complete, broad, all-embracing, all-encompassing, wide-ranging, all in
  8. incomplete (adjective) – imperfect, partial, unfinished, inadequate, half-finished, lacking, piecemeal
  9. shortened (adjective) – abbreviated, condensed, abridged, truncated, curtailed, reduced
  10. ad hoc (adjective) – unplanned, informal, impromptu, improvised, off-the-cuff, unprepared, extemporized, makeshift
  11. ad infinitum (adverb) – endlessly, forever, ceaselessly, repeatedly, infinitely, without end, with no sign of stopping, with no end in sight, on and on
  12. adamant (adjective) – obstinate, obdurate, unyielding, unbending, inflexible, unwavering, immovable, resolute, steadfast, stubborn, fixed, resistant
  13. adapt (verb) – change, alter, modify, adjust, vary, revise, amend, bend, fit, rework
  14. condense (verb) – concentrate, compress, compact, squeeze, pack into, consolidate
  15. condescendingly (adverb) – superciliously, pompously, patronizingly, loftily, disdainfully, haughtily, arrogantly, snootily (informal), snobbishly, contemptuously
  16. arrogance (noun) – conceit, haughtiness, egotism, pride, overconfidence, superciliousness, self-importance, condescension
  17. humour (noun) – funniness, comicality, comicalness, comedy, wit, the funny side, hilarity, absurdity
  18. humongous (adjective) – enormous, gigantic, colossal, massive, vast, huge, ginormous, immense, mammoth, gargantuan, monster
  19. baloney (noun) – tripe (informal), drivel, balderdash, nonsense, twaddle (informal), claptrap (informal), bunkum (informal), hogwash (informal), garbage, rubbish

Synonyms Words – 100 Examples 2

  1. balmy (adjective) – mild, clement, pleasant, temperate, gentle, soft
  2. vilify (verb) – malign, abuse, denigrate, belittle, disparage, libel, slander, criticize, pillory, run down
  3. villain (noun) – antihero, scoundrel, rogue, desperado (literary), heavy, baddie (informal), nasty (informal)
  4. vigorous (adjective) – energetic, robust, dynamic, active, vital, forceful, strong, hearty, exuberant, spirited
  5. voraciously (adverb) – insatiably, avidly, hungrily, ravenously, greedily, rapaciously, gluttonously
  6. vivaciously (adverb) – energetically, cheerfully, effervescently, spiritedly, vibrantly, animatedly, cheerily, chirpily (informal)
  7. hilariously (adverb) – riotously, sidesplittingly, hysterically (informal), uproariously, entertainingly, amusingly
  8. loutish (adjective) – coarse, impolite, rough, uncouth, rude, ill-mannered, boorish
  9. lewd (adjective) – lecherous, lustful, lascivious, libidinous (formal), randy (informal), lusty
  10. grimy (adjective) – dirty, grubby, smudged, soiled, filthy, dusty, mucky (informal), grungy (informal)
  11. griminess (noun) – dirtiness, dinginess, filthiness, grubbiness, dustiness, muckiness (informal), squalidness
  12. belabour (verb) – beat, hit, thrash, whip, cudgel, bludgeon, overstate, labour, stress, overemphasise, overdo, hammer home, harp on
  13. beleaguer (verb) – harass, annoy, pester, plague, badger, hound, vex, hassle (informal), worry, stress
  14. aback: suddenly, unaware, unawares, unexpectedly
  15. babble: abracadabra, blabber, burble, double-talk, drivel, gabble, gibber, gibberish, jabber, jabberwocky, mumbo-jumbo, nonsense, prattle
  16. aberrant: abnormal, anomalous, atypical, especial, exceeding, exceptional, extraordinaire, extraordinary, freak, odd, peculiar, phenomenal, rare, singular, uncommon, uncustomary, unique, unusual, unwonted
  17. outstanding: noticeable, remarkable, prominent, outstanding, conspicuous, salient, striking
  18. fat: overweight, plump, chubby, stout, portly, obese, heavy, tubby (informal), flabby (informal), pudgy (informal), podgy
  19. greasiness: fattiness, griminess, sliminess, oiliness, oleaginousness, unctuousness
  20. conservative: traditional, conventional, conformist, unadventurous, old-fashioned, traditionalist, middle-of-the-road, old-school

Synonyms Words – 100 Examples 3

  1. placate: pacify, appease, assuage, conciliate, mollify, propitiate, sweeten, comfort; tranquilize
  2. exhaustive: thorough, comprehensive, complete, in-depth, full, extensive, far-reaching, meticulous, all-inclusive, intensive, sweeping
  3. exhaust: tire, wear out, drain, fatigue, weaken, use up, use, finish (informal), wear out, consume, drain, deplete, sap, run through, expend, dissipate
  4. exhale: breathe out, blow out, puff out, let your breath out, respire
  5. hardiness: toughness, hardihood, stamina, durability, robustness, resilience, endurance
  6. casehardened: unsympathetic, unfeeling, hard, hardened, toughened, tough, hard-boiled (informal), hard-hearted, hard-bitten, hard-nosed (informal), cynical, callous, insensitive
  7. uncompromising: inflexible, rigid, adamant, unbending, obdurate, stubborn, categorical, hard-nosed (informal)
  8. injury: wound, damage, grievance, wrong, hurt, harm
  9. epicurean: gourmet, hedonistic, decadent, pleasure-seeking, pleasure-loving, sensualist
  10. Spartan: frugal, basic, meagre, bare, severe, plain, austere, simple
  11. sparse: thin, scant, scarce, spare, light, bare, meagre, scrubby
  12. spasmodic: fitful, intermittent, irregular, occasional, sporadic, discontinuous
  13. spatter: shower, splash, sprinkle, scatter, disperse, spray, splash, splatter, shower, mark, cover, emit
  14. sparkle: fizzle, bubble, fizz, ferment, effervesce, shine, glitter, glisten, flash, flicker, twinkle, glint, spark, shimmer, excel, scintillate, shine, come into your own, come to life, stand out, effervesce, bubble, froth, fizz

Synonyms Words – 100 Examples 4

  1. sparky: lively, spirited, enthusiastic, bubbly, feisty (informal), zippy, spunky (informal)
  2. spurt: gush, spray, burst, jet, erupt, squirt, surge, shoot, rush, spout, emit, issue
  3. deceptively: dishonestly, misleadingly, illusorily, deceivingly, unreliably, disingenuously, deviously, falsely, spuriously, speciously, deceitfully, fraudulently, phonily
  4. speciously: falsely, erroneously, inaccurately, incorrectly, baselessly, deceptively, fallaciously, bogusly, wrongly, spuriously, misleadingly
  5. spurn: reject, snub, slight, rebuff, repulse, scorn, despise, disdain, look down on, hold in contempt
  6. spy on: stake out (informal), watch, keep under surveillance, keep watch on, keep an eye on, keep under watch
  7. nattily: neatly, fashionably, stylishly, tastefully, sprucely, smartly, finely, snazzily (informal), trendily (informal), elegantly (informal)
  8. nationless: stateless, homeless, displaced, refugee, outlawed, exiled, deported, asylum-seeking, expatriate
  9. expatriate: émigré, tax exile, emigrant, deportee, refugee, colonial, expat (informal), exile
  10. exotic: unusual, out of the ordinary, striking, interesting, bizarre, mysterious, glamorous, colourful, outlandish, strange, different, exceptional, from abroad, tropical, alien, foreign
  11. frolicsome: playful, frivolous, light-hearted, frisky, spirited, lively
  12. frivolous: playful, frolicsome, perky, light-hearted, dizzy (informal), giddy (dated), silly, flippant
  13. kinky: crinkled, crinkly, twisty, knotted, twisted, warped, unusual, idiosyncratic, strange, quirky, unconventional, unnatural, odd, peculiar, eccentric, unorthodox

Synonyms Words – 100 Examples 5

  1. king-size: extra-large, outsize, enormous, huge, giant, massive, vast, immense, mammoth
  2. miniature: small-scale, tiny, minute, little, mini (informal), baby, minuscule, diminutive, small
  3. mixed: varied, diverse, assorted, sundry, miscellaneous, motley, diversified, variegated, hybrid
  4. cosmopolitan: integrated, international, interracial, unsegregated, multiracial, blended, multicultural, multinational, mingled
  5. mimetic: imitative, derivative, copied, representational, simulated, faked
  6. milky: cloudy, chalky, creamy, pale, translucent, whitish, opaque
  7. mildness: gentleness, kindness, leniency, tenderness, warmth, mercy, compassion, consideration, clemency
  8. harshness: severity, austerity, ruggedness, bleakness, starkness, roughness
  9. callousness: cruelty, ruthlessness, strictness, severity, unkindness, insensitivity
  10. harshly: severely, bleakly, austerely, inhospitably, starkly, bitterly, critically, cruelly, unsympathetically, insensitively, callously
  11. harmony: agreement, accord, concord, synchronization, congruence, coordination, coherence
  12. harmoniously: musically, tunefully, melodiously, sweetly, pleasantly, symphonically
  13. speculate: wonder, conjecture, guess, hypothesize, reason, suppose, surmise, consider, contemplate, cogitate (formal), reflect on, ponder, deliberate
  14. spectate: watch, observe, look, look on, take in, watch from a distance, witness, view
  15. brutish: animal, wild, violent, bestial, cruel, ruthless, insensitive, pitiless, harsh, unfeeling, inhuman, inhumane
  16. loutish: boorish, rough, unrefined, uncivilized, coarse, crude, hooligan (UK, informal)


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