25 Examples of Complex Sentences in English

The post (25 Examples of Complex Sentences in English) provides twenty-five (25) examples of complex sentences that you can easily find handy when looking for precise examples. A complex sentence contains a main clause and, at least, a subordinate clause. See more about Complex Sentence. You can also see the post (Types of Sentence According to Structure).

25 Examples of Complex Sentences in English

Here are 25 examples of complex sentences that you can easily relate with and find handy when looking for examples of complex sentence. See the post on Complex Sentence for more examples:

  1. Only Ceylon Cinnamon has low levels of Coumarin, while all other varieties of Cinnamon have high levels of Coumarin.
  2. While doing his postgraduate work at the University of Lagos, some people would approach him to ask questions about the Bible and Christian living.
  3. Although Ceylon Cinnamon smells mild, if you grind and add it to baked goods or Cinnamon French toast, for example, the aroma it gives off is very sophisticated and fragrant.
  4. In due course, as more people came and the Bible Study Group grew, it became necessary in 1976 to find a more commodious place outside of the university campus.
  5. Because the Group was non-denominational, people were happy to come from various churches to study with Lecturer Kumuyi, as they call the Pastor at that time.
  6. Kumuyi remarried in October 2010 in London about 18 months after his first wife died.
  7. Although texting and the fast-paced rhythm of internet communication are causing people, especially teenagers, to dispense with commas, we still consider it unconventional to omit commas in direct address.
  8. I came across this question while planning to test my students on grammar.
  9. It is more natural to say ‘finance minister’ than ‘financial minister,’ even though ‘finance’ and ‘minister’ are both nouns.
  10. When I watch American soaps, they seem to not care about tenses.

More Examples of 25 Complex Sentences

  1. The rule is the same even if the noun or pronoun that is being addressed appears at the beginning or middle of the sentence.
  2. After resuscitating the patient, doctors took him to the ICU.
  3. Letter writing is as old as the man despite the pervasive nature of the electronic medium.
  4. People still write letters every day; though letters have simply changed state from pen and paper to the new media.
  5. As preserved in extant literature, letter writing has shaped the face of history.
  6. Because letter writing offered one of the few opportunities for access to the seats of power, it became a regular part of the curriculum in monastic schools.
  7. If you have any tablets of mine beside you, please send them back.
  8. Since I could not postpone my message, I considered it urgent to write to you.
  9. In order to break the news, I went early to his house.
  10. After working so hard, he decided to take a break.
  11. We will divide the funds into three separate parts, while each person will decide their spending.
  12. The respective funds differ because they are based on the age profile of the members.
  13. Although variable investments generate income, we cannot pre-determine them.
  14. Such investments can generate high returns although that could be risky.
  15. Before one invests money, one must know the level of risk involved.

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