Amazing Facts About the 7 Continents of the World

Amazing Facts about the 7 Continents of the World

I welcome you again to this learning portal. Permit me to share with you under our What You Should Know Category Amazing Facts about the 7 Continents of the World. It is interesting that we live in a world where unbelievable and weird things happen. As you are aware, seven continents make up our world and we will see five specific weird facts in each of these continents. Are we good to go? Let us begin.

Amazing Facts about the 7 Continents of the World

The first port of call (take note of this nominal group and never call it ‘the first point of call’, like some erroneously say) is the largest of our world’s seven continents, Asia. It lies almost entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. With remote islands, it covers about 30 percent of the world’s total land area. Its peoples account for three-fifths of the world’s population.

Asia: Amazing Facts

The first interesting and peculiar fact about this Continent is that both the world’s highest point, that is, Mount Everest in Nepal and the lowest point, that is, the Dead Sea in Israel are both present in Asia! Is that a coincidence or human arrangement? You can help me out with an answer… It is interesting, however to note that there are arguments about the true height of Mount Everest. In the words of Amy Hampshire, The first people who measured Mt Everest actually lied about how tall it was. You see, they measured it at exactly 29,000 feet and they were so scared no one would believe them, they added 2 feet to make it sound more believable. 

It is amazing that in most of the Japanese schools, there are no janitors! Then who does the cleaning? You cannot believe that both teachers and students set out time in the school’s timetable to clean their environments! Teachers and students? Yes! Does that happen in your school or country? So when it comes to cleanliness, both teachers and student get down to work in cleaning, bathrooms, classrooms, toilets, gutters, and so one. But there is a good reason; it is simply to inculcate the act of cleanliness in the students! Strangely interesting!

Do you know that the famous line, Veni, Vidi, Vici which translates in English I came, I saw, I conquered came straight from the mouth of Julius Caesar in Turkey? He made this apposite example of a multiple sentence when he defeated a King Pontus in the Black Sea of Turkey. You have made that statement many times without bothering to find out its source; now you know! Let us see the fourth strange fact from Asia.

Amazing Facts about Asia Cont’d

In a country in East Asia, precisely China, the world’s largest country by population and one of the largest by area, measuring about the same size as the United States, due to the high level of air pollution, the country came up with Canned Fresh air! Weird! What we are used to is a canned beverage, but we have canned fresh air in China! So when you are chocking in on the polluted air, just reach out and grab a canned air, sniff and inhale some quantity and you are good to go! Amazing!

A really weird one from Asia is that you cannot have children in China until the government permits you. So when you get married, you and your spouse have to apply for and get approval for a family planning certificate three months before and after pregnancy. I don’t think I can stand Asia anymore; Africa! Here I come…

Amazing Facts about Africa

Welcome to Africa, the second largest Continent of the world! It is connected with Asia by the Sinai Peninsula. Africa covers 23 percent of the world’s total land area and contains 13 percent of the world’s population. Let us see five specific facts about this Continent.

There is a lake in Ghana, Lake Volta precisely, which is the world’s largest man-made lake. It did not come about in the way other natural lakes came about; it is an artificial lake a d the largest in the world! Interesting!

The second amazing fact about this Continent is that there is a bird that only exists in Africa; Jos, Nigeria to be precise. Some birds are rare but they can still be found in few places, at least in the whole world. But this small reddish-brown bird that goes by the name Jos Indigo bird exists only Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. I know Nigerians will treat the bird as an endangered species, hopefully…

More Facts about Africa

There are various animals on planet earth and they exist in various sizes. There are species of frogs and the largest of them in the world lives in the African Continent. Its name is ‘Goliath Frog’! The name Goliath has come to be associated with anything of immense size. You can find this frog in only two African States:  Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Congratulations Cameroonians and Equatorial Guineans on this Goliath feat!

This fourth fact is indeed strange! To be the First Lady is not an easy accomplishment, but what is weird is for one woman to have been the First Lady of two African countries at different times. Graca Machel remains the only woman in the world to have this strange record! She was the widow of the former South African president, Nelson Mandela, and also of Late Mozambican president, Samora Machel. This is an interesting weird fact coming from Africa!

The last one from the African Continent has to do with the people of an East African country. Among the Pokot tribe of Kenya, your status, in terms of how wealthy you are, has a unique metrics! The people determine your wealth by how many cows you have! Interesting! Your money does not determine your wealth; not even your investments, but the number of cows you possess only among the Pokot tribe in Kenya.

North America: Amazing Facts

Welcome to North America, the third largest continent in the world, including Canada which is the second largest country in area in the world, the United States, the third and Mexico, the fourteenth largest. In addition, the continent includes Greenland, which is the largest island, as well as the small French overseas department of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and the British dependency of Bermuda, which are both made up of small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. North America is the 4th most populous continent. Let us see some fact peculiar to this region…

The highest mountain in the continent is Mount McKinley which is in Alaska, United States and it towers high at the staggering height of over 20, 237 feet. Another interesting fact from this continent is that it is home to the world’s longest international border. This border is the one Canada shares with the United States. Now this one concerns Uncle Sam, the United States; it is the first country to develop a nuclear weapon and also the only one to have made use of it in warfare!

More Facts: North America

No other country in the world had deployed the nuclear weapon except the US. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The world’s attention is on North Korea, but until something happens…let us keep our fingers crossed. Still, on the US, another interesting fact is that the first ever written constitution in the world is that of the United States and it was written in 1787! That was just 11 years about the proclamation of Independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. The last interesting fact peculiar to North American Continent is from the Mexican culture whose most important and symbolic celebration is the Day of the Dead which is celebrated every second of November to honour dead relations and friends!

Amazing Facts about South America

South America, fourth largest of the Earth’s seven continents (after Asia, Africa, and North America), occupies 12 percent of the Earth’s land surface. The continent comprises 12 nations, ten of which are Latin: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela; with the remaining two being former dependencies: Guyana, of the United Kingdom, and Suriname, of The Netherlands. South America also includes French Guiana, an overseas department of France. Let us see some interesting facts peculiar to South America…

The largest flying bird in the world can be found on this continent and the name of the bird is Condor! Unlike other birds, condors lack a syrinx (voice box) and can utter only soft hissing sounds. Another interesting fact in this continent relates to the biblical King Solomon. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, there is a 10,000 seat-replica of Solomon’s Temple! Are you thinking of visiting Sao Paulo already? The third amazing fact from this continent concerns Ecuador, which is the Spanish word for ‘equator’.

More Facts about South America

The first drug that was ever used to prevent and treat malaria, Quinine, can be obtained from the bark of a tree called ‘Cinchona’. It is interesting to know that the tree grows only in the South American country of Ecuador! The fourth amazingly weird fact has to do with Argentina. Is it possible for a country to have five presidents in ten days? Argentina remains the only country in the world to have achieved this feat in 2001 during the country’s worst financial and economic crisis. The last one also concerns Argentina. Political parties in this country have their own brands of beer, unbelievable! Just think about your own country’s political parties with their own brands of beer…In the US, we will have a beer called Democrats or Republican…Amazing!

Antarctica Amazing Facts

Antarctica, which means ‘opposite to the Arctic’, is the fifth largest of Earth’s seven continents. It surrounds the South Pole and is a place of extremes. It is the southernmost, coldest, iciest, driest, windiest, most remote, and most recently discovered continent. Nearly the entire landmass lies within the Antarctic Circle. You should expect a lot of interesting and peculiar facts about this continent…

The first is that Antarctica is the largest desert in the world! Amazing! The next one is remarkable; no human being permanently lives on the continent. The only humans inhabiting the continent temporarily are Scientists carrying out scientific research, Tourists and Explorers. Another one is that an Antarctic Treaty, signed in 1959, established the continent as a peaceful and cooperative international research zone.

Well, this is mind-blowing: there is only one Automated Teller Machine, ATM, in the whole of the continent, as of the time of carrying out the research. The last interesting fact about Antarctica is that exploitation of mineral resources in the continent has been banned until the year 2048. So those who want to prospect for mineral resources should wait a little longer…

Amazing Facts about Europe

This is the second smallest continent of the world though it has the third largest population of all the continents. Europe, though conventionally referred to as a continent, is actually just the western fifth of the Eurasian landmass, which is made up primarily of Asia. There are some interesting facts about this second smallest continent in the world; let us see them…

Just like Asia that has both the highest and lowest points on earth in it, the world’s largest country which is Russia and the world’s smallest country which is the Vatican City are both located in this continent. Interesting! This one is weird: dying in the United Kingdom’s House of Parliament is illegal, as of the time of carrying out the research. For coffee lovers, this is for you. There is a coffee shop in France where not saying ‘hello’ or ‘please’ will make your drink more expensive. So when you visit any of these shops, be ready to say lots of ‘hellos’ and ‘pleases’ lest you pay more!

More Facts about Europe

In France, getting married to a dead person is legal in France, as long as you can prove that the deceased had the intention of getting married to you before they passed on. But you must get the permission of the country’s president! In the United Kingdom, If you have to do a funeral and you are not getting enough crowd you want, you can actually get a ‘Rent of mourner’ service to fill the funeral with fake friends; amazing! Something close to this is obtainable in South Western Nigeria, Am I right? Let me know in the comment box below!

Australia/Oceania: Amazing Facts

Welcome to Australia, the smallest continent in the world but the sixth largest country! The first amazing fact about this continent is that in the country of Australia, it is possible to be in two different International time zones at the same time! Do you know that the first police force of Australia was made up of some well-behaved convicts? Now that’s shocking: police force, ex-convict? Good one.

The island of the region of Oceania was the major area where the water or sea battle of World War 2 took place. If you plan on going to Australia, you need to read this: most of the world’s most deadly animals inhabit the country of Australia. Lastly, on this Continent, only the village chief in some towns of Australia is allowed to wear a Coat and Sunglasses. You must remove yours! This is unbelievable! Are those items luxuries or necessities? You can see an Australian village chief for answers!


I’m sure you have not wasted your time reading through Interesting and Peculiar Facts about the 7 Continents of the World. I have my good friend, Bukola Bankole, a seasoned radio presenter, to thank for graciously supplying these items of information and allowing me to use them on Akademia. We teach the English Language on Akademia, but we also inform you about ‘What You Should Know’, which is one of our three categories on this learning site. Keep reading Akademia; keep learning! Do not forget to check out the post on the Eccentric Nature of the English Language and our Collection of Famous English Proverbs and Clichés! See you around.


  1. Thanks sir for this beautiful piece. Just to throw a bit more light on the Mexican celebration of dead day. November 2nd is actually all souls day in the Catholic church. It Is a day we pray for the souls of the dead in purgatory. because most Mexicans are Catholics, it has become a national event. Just like in many European countries, the feast of the Assumption of our lady, virgin Mary Is also observed as a national holiday.

  2. South West mourners, I agree, in our mother tongue we call them mogbo moya moyo (mmm).
    Or party rakers, different owambe styles.
    Thanks for this piece Sir.

    It should be easy to get a visa to Antarctica, I mean it should be better than Nigeria……just thinking.

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