Subject Verb Agreement Exercises in English

Hello dear! How have you been? I am sure you have learnt so much on Akademia. But you know there is no end to learning. I wish to call your attention to Subject Verb Agreement Exercises in English by this post. As learners of English, we certainly cannot overemphasise the issue of concord or subject-verb agreement. Now, if you have not read the post, Concord: Subject-Verb Agreement, you may find these exercises, quiz, tests, practice or worksheet difficult. Okay? So read the post first.

Subject Verb Agreement Exercises in English

There are various rules that guide the issue of subject verb agreement which we can otherwise refer to as Concord. This post presents subject verb agreement exercises, but there is a need to know what we mean by subject verb agreement.

Subject Verb Agreement

In grammar we use the concept ‘agreement’ or ‘concord’ to describe the relationship that exists between the constituent elements within a sentence; most importantly, between the subject and the verb. In other words, Concord is the grammar match between grammatical elements; the alignment of the number, case, gender, or person of one word with that of another word, especially in the same sentence. (See Concord: Subject-Verb Agreement).

Subject Verb Agreement Exercises

Let us look at some subject verb agreement exercises. Your duty is to pick the correct form of the non-modal verbs or regular and irregular verbs in parentheses. You can do this together with your friend…

  1. Neither Joy nor His friend (is/are) here.
  2. Forty percent of the students (has/have) paid their school fees.
  3. Four years (is/are) the tenure of the president.
  4. Two million naira (is/are) a great deal of money to carry around.
  5. Ten percent (is/are) good interest.
  6. Forty hours (is/are) the normal work week in Nigeria.
  7. Fifteen minutes (is/are) enough for a coffee break.
  8. No news (is/are) good news.
  9. Phonetics (is/are) an interesting subject.
  10. His whereabouts (is/are) being kept a secret.
  11. Statistics (is/are) related to mathematics.
  12. Mathematics (is/are) a technical subject.
  13. The novel (is/are) interesting.
  14. The driver (has/have) arrived.
  15. The news (is/are) hard to believe.
  16. Mathematics (is/are) a difficult subject for many students.
  17. Life (was/were) pleasant in the days of the oil boom.
  18. He (do/does) this regularly.
  19. The girl (love/loves) to sing.
  20. The women (gives/give) the children money often.

 Subject Verb Agreement Quiz

The sentences below definitely have one thing or the other wrong with them. Your task is to rewrite them to comply with subject verb agreement. In other words, rewrite them in the correct and grammatical manner:

  1. The teacher told the girl to write his name.
  2. The judge delivered their judgment this morning.
  3. The man stood his ground even though she was wrong.
  4. She sang so well that the audience gave him a standing ovation.
  5. My father is so strict that we did not dare to disobey them.
  6. When an old woman speak, we should listen to her.
  7. The economy is not so buoyant, it need urgent attention.
  8. The boys arrived last night, he did not come with his luggage.
  9. John called the girl, she asked him to stay at home.
  10. The lady works in Lagos, he comes to Ondo every weekend.
  11. When you are confused, one doesn’t know what to do.
  12. They love the harvest months because we have a lot to eat.
  13. For one to pass that course, I must study diligently.
  14. He pressed the doorbell but there is no answer.
  15. The man gave the girl some money, but she does not thank him.
  16. If the language is not correct, then what is said are not what was meant.
  17. If what is said was not what are meant, then what ought to be done remain undone.
  18. When this remain undone, morals and arts deteriorates; justice go astray.
  19. If justice go astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
  20. This matter above everything.

Subject Verb Agreement Test

For these tests, you need to rewrite the sentences correctly. If you know there is nothing wrong with any particular sentence, leave it as it is.

  1. They praised the girl, but the boy was punished.
  2. The course leader rushed into the classroom, looked round and was seated.
  3. The driver was arrested but they released the passengers.
  4. She do cook.
  5. The man do visit often.
  6. The boy have arrived.
  7. Everybody are expected to come.
  8. No one were exempted from the punishment.
  9. Nobody have seen the missing boat.
  10. One of the teachers like rice and beans.
  11. You can call him that one of the girls are here.
  12. One of the children do not like biscuits.
  13. A flock of sheep are the garden.
  14. A collection of paintings are to be auctioned tomorrow.
  15. Do you know that a case of instruments have been stolen from the hospital?
  16. A host of angelic voices sing regularly in the concert.
  17. A swarm of bees are difficult to control.
  18. The army is poorly paid.
  19. The congregation is asked to stand.
  20. The clergy holds an annual retreat.

Subject Verb Agreement Practice

For these sets pf practice questions, rewrite the sentences correctly. If you know there is nothing wrong with any particular sentence, leave it as it is.

  1. His team is up to the task.
  2. The focus is on the group as a whole acting as a unit.
  3. The congregation were divided in their opinion about the minister.
  4. The committee are arguing over the choice of the new chairman.
  5. We got reports that the family are at loggerheads over the sharing of the money.
  6. The anthology sell more overseas.
  7. He agreed that the herd are difficult to control.
  8. The reaction of the students were unexpected.
  9. The leader of the armed bandits are to be convicted today.
  10. A list of the successful applicants have been pasted on the board.
  11. Neither the thieves nor their leader were arrested.
  12. Neither the leader nor the thieves was arrested.
  13. Not only the boy but his friends was present at the game.
  14. John or Joe are going to the farm.
  15. Either John or Joe are to blame.
  16. Neither the boy nor the girl have a good report.
  17. Not the husband but the wife were given the award.
  18. Not only the teacher but also the student like the beautiful building.
  19. Bread and butter are his favourite meal.
  20. His wife and greatest admirer give him sound counsel.

Subject Verb Agreement Activities 

  1. John’s friend and boss are very pleasant.
  2. The President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces have arrived.
  3. Rice and beans are good for lunch.
  4. The man with his wife are here.
  5. The boy together with his sister are attending the party.
  6. The husband as well as his wife were arrested.
  7. The goat in addition to the cow have disappeared.
  8. The goalkeeper no less than the defenders are to blame for the goal.
  9. Doctors and nurses is needed at the health centre.
  10. The robbers and their leaders was arrested.
  11. Boys and girls has to work hard.
  12. Parents and teachers needs to meet regularly.
  13. Many religious leaders and their followers was present at the rally.
  14. The bride and groom is here.
  15. The provost and his deputy has arrived.
  16. The man and his wife comes here often.
  17. The book and ruler was removed by unknown persons.
  18. James and Joe does their homework in the evening.
  19. The books is interesting.
  20. The teachers has arrived.

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets

  1. His clothes was dirty.
  2. Some people loves traditional music.
  3. The women is under arrest.
  4. We expects the best in all situation.
  5. They comes every now and then.
  6. The women would like to leave her son at home.
  7. I expects more than such reaction from you.
  8. Many of my friends likes to play football.
  9. The president and his entourage arrives tonight.
  10. Children of today needs more pampering.
  11. Fighting corruption give the leaders a great challenges.
  12. Many of the leaders lacks the political will to fight graft.
  13. She honestly deserve the trophy because she always train hard.
  14. We eat regularly there but we pays later.
  15. The minister, if not in good mood, might rejects the proposal.
  16. They behaves very badly in public functions.
  17. Sometimes, your car can disappoints you when you does not expect.
  18. Expectations is high for the world cup.
  19. The Korean leaders rarely meets until recently.
  20. Many of the recruited soldiers likes combat.

Subject Verb Agreement Exercises with Answers

In order to assist you, I have provided answers to all the subject verb agreement exercises above. But do not check the answers until you have attempted all the sections of the subject verb agreement. Find the answers to the exercises here: Subject Verb Agreement Exercises with Answers. Do not forget to check the post, Concord: Subject-Verb Agreement (Rules, Patterns and Examples. See you around. Make sure you share this post.


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