100 Examples of Compound Sentences

100 Examples of Compound Sentences in English

Welcome to Akademia! I have found out that sometimes we assume we know a thing until a demand is put on us to explain such with illustrative examples. That is when we realise we have not properly learned such as we ought to. A compound sentence is no exception and this is why I present to you in this post 100 examples of compound sentences in English.

100 Examples of Compound Sentences in English

Here I will not go into details of what a compound sentence is as I have done that in the post Types of Sentence According to Structure and Compound Sentence in English. Make sure you check out the two posts for more explanation on Compound Sentence.

The essence of this post is to give you 100 examples of compound sentence in English to aid you whenever you need to get as many examples of compound sentences you might need. Here we go…

100 Examples of Compound Sentences in English

You already know that a compound sentence comprises two main clauses without any subordinate clause; so let us see the examples…

  1. Can you send someone with the cash or should I come for it myself?
  2. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.
  3. There were several other temptations that came to Jesus; but they were all subsumed under the major three.
  4. Safety standards for vehicles have been raised and speed limits have been lowered.
  5. Beans are a rich source of protein; but not too many people know this beneficial fact.
  6. Get the most out of every impression and reach highly-qualified audiences on curated publisher properties.
  7. The present fraud is not the first to be associated with its examinations and the country has lived with cheating and leakage of School Certificate examination papers since the early 1970s.
  8. In 2017, 47 schools in Kogi State, comprising public and private, were involved in malpractice and were declared ineligible to present candidates for the 2018 exams.
  9. They must soon choose whether to fight Mr. Trump’s decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran or accede to it.
  10. They got what they wanted and they got out.
  11. The constitution is a man-made document and, like all basic laws anywhere, is subject to amendment.
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100 Examples of Compound Sentences 2

  1. I write to notify the Management of new developments and apply for my vacation leave.
  2. I am only engaged mostly on weekends; and consequently, it will not in any way hamper my work schedule.
  3. This programme is of immense benefit to my work schedule and it will undeniably improve my competence.
  4. Man was to inherit God and God was to inherit man.
  5. God gave man the original title deed of the earth and man could touch the corners of the earth from Eden.
  6. Man fell short of an interim light and was driven out of Eden.
  7. The church at Ephesus had believed and shared, in common, love with other believers.
  8. He ratifies our ability to live by his commandments and kills what previously made us live by bread alone.
  9. This is where Christ continually enlightens us and shines on us.
  10. He gives power to the faint and increases strength to the weak.
  11. The Company might be the most popular and well-known online advertising network; but it is definitely not the only fish in the sea.
  12. There is evidence online that shows this but you still might want to consider one of the many alternatives.
  13. He is really clamping down on the review process for applications and there are quite a few people that disagree.
  14. These are viable options but they are all good networks.

100 Examples of Compound Sentences 3

  1. You can use to monetize your website but you have to keep the rules.
  2. The New York Times is an American newspaper and the paper has won 125 Pulitzer Prizes; more than any other newspaper.
  3. The Economist is an English-language weekly magazine-format newspaper owned by the Economist Group and edited at offices in London.
  4. It is the leading source analysis on international business and delivers information through a range of formats.
  5. The Economist posts videos that give authoritative insight and provide opinion on international news, politics, business and finance.
  6. It is one of the most popular alternatives and it is used by millions of website users.
  7. This is definitely reliable and it is easier to use.
  8. Getting started is very straightforward and you will be introduced to a manager.
  9. I will go into a detailed review later but this information allows you to use customized ad units.
  10. It boasts a great ad fill rate and there are plenty of advertisers currently working with them.
  11. Publishers can expect bi-weekly payments and the system uses a range of different major payment systems.
  12. It will do a quick analysis of your website and determine what the content is about.
  13. The system selects words on your page and underlines them to appear as a link.
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100 Examples of Compound Sentences 4

  1. There is also a search widget and this usually is positioned at the bottom of your screen.
  2. The page cannot be shown and the authenticity of the received data cannot be verified.
  3. I won’t criticise him and only the president can initiate appropriation bill.
  4. The kiss really was to please the Filipino crowd and the woman kissed is not complaining.
  5. His marriage was nullified in 2000 and he has remained single.
  6. The woman is married to a South Korean and has two children.
  7. He acted like a feudal king but it was a grave abuse of authority.
  8. The women were harassed or sexually abused by Weinstein over several decades.
  9. The rape complaint came from a woman with a 10-year affair with Weinstein; but the information was not confirmed.
  10. He has skated through life and was living in “the bubble.”
  11. Prosecutors asked a federal judge to revise those terms or send Manafort to jail until trial.
  12. Manafort lobbied for a pro-Russia party in Ukraine and hid proceeds in foreign bank accounts.
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  14. You must have a minimum of 100,000 page views every month and your website has to be written in English.
  15. You earn 75% of the revenue and this is pretty big.
  16. Partners must own the domain and it must be self-hosted.

100 Examples of Compound Sentences 5

  1. This popular ad network works almost exclusively with premium advertisers and is able to offer better CPC rates for individuals with popular websites.
  2. An interactive pop-up will be displayed but you can also choose from the display and in-image ads as well.
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  4. You can have a website or blog that reviews or covers physical products.
  5. Getting approved is really easy and you can start immediately.
  6. She told her story to the magazine ‘The New Yorker’ and her story resembles many other reports.
  7. Mbappe is one of the most sought-after players in Europe and Real Madrid has agreed to sign the teenager.
  8. Wilfred Mbappe got married to an Algerian-French lady and Kylian was given a Yoruba middle name.
  9. Jirès Kembo Ekoko is a professional footballer of Congolese descent but has a biological son and younger brother of Kylian named Adeyemi Mbappe.
  10. Adeyemi means “the crown befits you” and this is why Kylian celebrates his goals by posing with his arms crossed and thumbs up.
  11. Wilfred worked as a coach and he started training Kylian at the age of six.
  12. He spends time coaching Adeyemi but he is currently his Kylian’s agent.
  13. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt but nobody expects dropping the lawsuits.
  14. They urged other victims to come forward and join the complaint.

100 Examples of Compound Sentences 6

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  6. Every ad is rated G and is acceptable for family audiences.
  7. You will never see an unwanted pop-up or even notice a slightly questionable ad on our network.
  8. Mbaka has been one of Buhari’s most vocal supporters but, in a surprising turn of events, he attacked Buhari in a recent message.
  9. You can make use of AdBuff or make use of AdSense advertisements.
  10. It can take up to a week to get approved and you can enjoy a $25 bonus.
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100 Examples of Compound Sentences 7

  1. It takes a little bit of time but the effort is worth it.
  2. 1000 unique visitors every day will earn $4 and this is pretty good.
  3. You can actually select a minimum bid and also choose a frequency for ads.
  4. Payments can be requested at any time and you can choose to get paid every day.
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  6. This is a good network to go with but it is well-suited for niches such as software, finance, dating, and entertainment.
  7. He gets a lot of traffic and wants to capitalize on the traffic.
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  9. Commissions typically start around the 4% to 10% range and can scale all the up to 75% or more.
  10. You can look at the post and scale your current earnings to something profitable.
  11. I need a push in the right direction but I must be diligent.
  12. There is a need to work smart and plan effectively for more income.
  13. The President knows the challenges but nobody will vote for him.
  14. To feed is now a problem and a hungry man is an angry man.
  15. Hunger is everywhere but many politicians do not care.
  16. Avengers are at work and, up till now, there is no solution.


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  1. These sentences are not punctuated correctly. If you are going to post compound sentences, please research and punctuate properly. I have not looked at your other examples, but I would hope that you have punctuated complex sentences properly. If not, you are doing your readers a tremendous disservice.

    1. Thanks for your observation, C. Montano. It is appreciated. The sentences have been reviewed; but if you have specific sentences that you feel are not properly punctuated, feel free to highlight them and I will check them out.

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