Compound Sentence Using Yet with Examples

Hi there, you must have read some posts relating to the compound sentence on this learning platform. However, I want to discuss with you Compound Sentence Using Yet with Examples. A compound sentence has two main clauses which are usually joined by a coordinating conjunction. See Coordination and Subordination; What is a Compound Sentence?) In some instances, the three coordinating conjunctions are sometimes replaced with the conjunction ‘yet’.

The Conjunction ‘Yet’

Yet belongs to two Parts of Speech: the adverb and the conjunction. As a conjunction, it means ‘however at the same time’; ‘in spite of that’ and ‘nevertheless’ as in:

  • Emma wished he would be less pointed, yet could not help being amused

Scholars have referred to ‘yet’ as a ‘marginal conjunction’. It is however different from the three coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or.

Compound Sentences with Yet

Below are examples of compound sentences with yet as the conjunction that joins the two main clauses together:

  1. The President has somebody like me yet he is not talking with me.
  2. There is problem everywhere yet nobody can admit it.
  3. He suffers from heartburn yet he hardly drinks water after his meals.
  4. The striking workers have resumed yet the government has not paid their salaries.
  5. He had examination the next day yet he watched movies through the night.
  6. The man had no means of paying back yet he kept borrowing money around.
  7. He had begun dreaming of owning a car; he had not even learned to drive.
  8. She kept complaining about her husband yet she was not doing anything to assist.
  9. The teachers discouraged the student yet he kept seeking for foreign admission.
  10. He practically sleeps in the library yet he could pass English language.
  11. The lady has a hole in her teeth yet she cannot stop eating chocolate.
  12. The government claims to be working yet the masses are bitterly complaining of poverty.
  13. He made a lot of money from the deal yet he did not change his standard of living.
  14. Her mother threatened to beat her yet she did not bat an eyelid.
  15. The church spent the whole day praying for Peter yet they did not believe Rhoda’s report.

More Compound Sentences with Yet

  1. The player performed well in his club yet he did not get invitation for national assignment.
  2. The elders advised him not to contest for the elections yet he kept raising funds.
  3. Oaks Club made so much money yet the coach refused to buy new players.
  4. He kept buying electronic gadgets yet he made no plans to invest.
  5. The hotel kept spending on adverts yet they refused to overhaul their facilities.
  6. He wanted to be doctor yet he could not stand the sight of blood.
  7. Many politicians swore to uphold the constitution yet they could not resist official impunity.

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