Collective Nouns for Invertebrates (Insects and Molluscs)

Collective Nouns for Invertebrates (Insects and Molluscs)

I am sure you know there is no end to learning. We have discussed what a noun is and the various types of nouns. We even examined nouns and their plural forms. Under the types of nouns, we mentioned collective nouns. But the list was not exhaustive. I have, in this post titled, Collective Nouns for Invertebrates (Insects and Molluscs), sourced and listed the various collective nouns used for invertebrates. Do enjoy. Remember to share and send in your comments.

Collective Nouns for Invertebrates (Insects and Molluscs)

For the purpose of simplicity and clarity, the collective nouns for invertebrates have been categorised. Here we go…

Insects in General

Horde, Nest, Plague, Rabble, Swarm of insects

  • Army of Ants/Caterpillars
  • Army, Colony, Nest, Swarm (flying) of Ants
  • Bed of Clams
  • Bed of Oysters
  • Bike, Nest of Hornets
  • Bed, Bunch, Clat, Clew of Worms
  • Bed, Nest of Scorpions
  • Bite of Midges
  • Brood, Colony, Nest, Swarm of Termites
  • Bushel of Stick Insects
  • Business, Cloud, Swarm of Flies
  • Cast of Crabs
  • Cloud of Grasshoppers
  • Cloud, Horde, Swarm of Gnats
  • Cluster of bees/grasshoppers/dragonflies
  • Cluster, Clutter of Spiders
    Colony of Beetles
  • Colony, Flock, Infestation of Lice
  • Grist of bees
  • Grist, Hive, Swarm of Bees
  • Hive of bees
  • Horde of gnats
  • Hum of bees
  • Intrusion of Cockroaches
  • Kaleidoscope, Rabble, Rainbow, Swarm of Butterflies
  • Loveliness of ladybugs
  • Mite of Mites
  • Nest of hornets/wasps
  • Nest, Swarm of Wasps
  • Plague of wasps
  • Plague of Locusts
  • Scourge of Mosquitoes
  • Swarm of ants/bees


Collective Nouns for Single-Celled Organisms

  • Culture of Bacteria


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