List of Collective Nouns for Animals

List of Collective Nouns for Animals

I am sure you know there is no end to learning. We have discussed what a noun is and the various types of nouns. We even examined nouns and their plural forms. Under the types of nouns, we mentioned collective nouns. But the list was not exhaustive. I have, in this post titled, List of Collective Nouns for Animals, sourced and listed the various collective nouns used for animals. Do enjoy. Remember to share and send in your comments.

List of Collective Nouns for Animals

For the purpose of simplicity and clarity, the collective nouns for animals have been categorised. Here we go…

Collective Nouns for Animals A-D

  • Ambush, streak of tigers
  • Array of hedgehogs
  • Bale of turtles
  • Band of coyotes/gorillas/jays/men
  • Barrel of monkeys
  • Barren of mules
  • Bask of crocodiles
  • Battery of barracudas
  • Bazaar of guillemots
  • Bevy of quail/roebucks/swans
  • Bevy, family, raft, romp of otters
  • Bloat of hippopotamuses
  • Bob, harem, herd, pod, rookery of seals
  • Brace of ducks/grouse
  • Building of rooks
  • Bury of conies/rabbits
  • Business, cast of ferrets
  • Caravan, flock, train of camels
  • Cete of badgers
  • Chain of bobolinks
  • Charm of falcons/finches/magpies
  • Chattering of choughs
  • Chine of polecats
  • Clamour of rooks
  • Cloud of gnats/bats/grasshoppers
  • Clowder, pounce; (kittens: kindle, litter, intrigue) of cats
  • Clutter of cats
  • Colony of ants/beavers/chinchilla/gulls/penguins/rabbits
  • Colony, cloud of bats
  • Coalition of cheetah
  • Colony, family of beavers
  • Colony, pack, plague
  • Company of parrots/widgeons
  • Colony, warren, nest, herd (domesticated only), litter (young rabbits), down (hares), husk (hares) of rabbits
  • Congregation of plover/people
  • Congress of baboons
  • Cowardice of curs
  • Crash of rhinoceroses
  • Crowd, herd, pod, school, shoal of porpoises
  • Cry of hounds
  • Destruction (wild cats)
  • Dissimulation of birds
  • Dole of doves
  • Down of hares
  • Dray, scurry of squirrels
  • Drift, drove, litter (piglets), sounder (swine only), team, passel (hogs only), singular (for boars) of pigs


Collective Nouns for Animals D-P

  • Drove of asses (when driven in a group)
  • Drove, flock, herd, pace of sheep/cattle/donkeys
  • Earth of foxes
  • Family of otter
  • Fesnyng of ferrets
  • Field of racehorses
  • Flink of cows
  • Float of crocodiles
  • Flock of sheep
  • Gang of buffalo/elk
  • Gang, colony, pack of weasels
  • Gaze of raccoons
  • Gang, obstinacy of buffalo
  • Gulp of cormorants/magpies
  • Herd of buffaloes/curlews/elephants/horse/kangaroo/pigs/wrens/antelopes/bison/caribou/impalas
  • Herd of moose/reindeer/springbok
  • Husk of hares/jackrabbits
  • Herd, bevy (only for roe deer) of deer
  • Harras of horses
  • Herd, kine of cows
  • Herd, memory of elephants
  • Hide of tigers
  • Herd, pod of walruses
  • Intrigue of kittens
  • Kennel of dogs
  • Kindle of kittens
  • Labour of moles
  • Leap of hares/leopards
  • Leash of foxes/greyhounds
  • Leash, skulk, earth, lead, troop of fox
  • Litter (puppies), pack (if wild), cowardice (curs), leash (greyhounds). For hounds: cry, mute, pack, kennel of dogs
  • Litter of cubs/pigs/puppies
  • Mask of raccoons
  • Mischief of mice
  • Mob of kangaroos
  • Murder of crows/magpies
  • Mute of hounds
  • Nest of mice/rabbits
  • Obstinacy of buffalo
  • Pace of asses
  • Pack of hounds/rats/wolves


Collective Nouns for Animals P-T

  • Pack, rout, route (when moving) of wolves
  • Pack, span, barren, rake of mules
  • Pair of horses
  • Pack, trip of stoats
  • Parade of elephants
  • Party of jays
  • Pitying of turtledoves
  • Pod of boar/dolphin/seals/walrus/whales
  • Pod, gam, herd, school of whales
  • Pounce of cats
  • Prickle of hedgehogs/porcupines
  • Pride, sault, troop of lions
  • Rag of colts
  • Ramud of horses
  • Richness of martens
  • Romp of otters
  • Rout of wolves
  • Rumpus of baboons
  • Rush of pochard
  • Shoal of fish/porpoises
  • Scold of jays
  • Shoal of bass/pilchards/shad
  • Shrewdness of apes
  • Singular of boars
  • Skulk of foxes
  • Sleuth/sloth of bears
  • Sloth, sleuth, litter (young) of bears
  • Sneak of weasels
  • Sounder of wild swine/boars/foxes
  • Spring of teal
  • Stench of skunks
  • Streak of tigers
  • String of ponies/horses
  • Stud of mares
  • Swarm of rats
  • Team of horses/ducks/oxen
  • Team, rag (colts), stud (a group of horses owned by one person), string (for ponies) of horses cackle, clan of hyenas
  • Thunder of hippos
  • Team, yoke of oxen
  • Tiding of magpies
  • Tittering of magpies
  • Tok of capercaillie
  • Totter/tower of giraffes
  • Tower of giraffes
  • Tribe of goats/monkeys/dotterel
  • Tribe, trip of goats


Collective Nouns for Animals T-Z

  • Troop of apes, baboons/monkeys/kangaroos
  • Troop, barrel of monkeys
  • Turn of turtles
  • Warren of rabbits
  • Watch of nightingales
  • Wedge of geese/swans
  • Wing of plovers
  • Wisdom of owls, wombats
  • Yoke of oxen
  • Zeal, Crossing, Dazzle, Cohorts, Herd of Zebras


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