List of Collective Nouns for Birds

List of Collective Nouns for Birds

I am sure you know there is no end to learning. We have discussed what a noun is and the various types of nouns. We even examined nouns and their plural forms. Under the types of nouns, we mentioned collective nouns. But the list was not exhaustive. I have, in this post titled, List of Collective Nouns for Birds, sourced and listed the various collective nouns used for birds. Do enjoy. Remember to share and send in your comments.

List of Collective Nouns for Birds

For the purpose of simplicity and clarity, the collective nouns for birds have been categorised. Here we go…

Collective Nouns for Birds A-F

  • Ascension of larks
  • Badling of ducks
  • Balding, Brace (a couple of hunted and killed ducks), Flock (flying), Paddling (on water), Raft (on water), Team of Ducks
  • Ballet of swans
  • Bazaar of Guillemots
  • Bellowing of Bullfinches
  • Bevy, Covey of Quail
  • Bevy, Wedge (flying) of Swans
  • Boil (when spiralling in flight), Cast, Kettle (large number of flying hawks) of Hawks
  • Bouquet of pheasants
  • Brace (for a couple of birds that have been killed when hunted), Flight (when flying), Flock (when on the ground), Volary of birds
  • Brood of chicks/hens/pheasants
  • Brood, Peep, Young chickens: Chattering, Clutch of Chickens
  • Building, Clamour, Parliament of Rooks
  • Cast of Falcons/Hawks
  • Chain of Bobolinks
  • Charm of Finches/Hummingbirds
  • Charm, Gulp, Murder, Tiding of Magpies
  • Clutch of chicks
  • Clutter of starlings
  • Colony of Gulls
  • Colony of Penguins
  • Company of Widgeons
  • Company, Pandemonium of Parrots
  • Confusion of Guinea Fowl
  • Congregation, Wing (flying) of Plovers
  • Conspiracy of ravens
  • Convocation of Eagles
  • Cover of Coots
  • Covey of grouse/partridges/pheasants/ptarmigans/quail
  • Covey of Partridge
  • Deceit of Lapwings
  • Descent of Woodpeckers
  • Doading of Sheldrakes
  • Dropping of pigeons
  • Drumming of grouse
  • Dule of doves
  • Dule, Pitying (Turtle doves only) of Doves
  • Durante of toucans
  • Exaltation of Larks
  • Exultation of Skylarks
  • Fall of Woodcocks
  • Flight of birds/butterflies/cormorants/doves/goshawks/swallows
  • Flight of Goshawks/Swallows
  • Fling of Dunlins
  • Flight, Flock, Kit of Pigeons
  • Flock of geese/Swifts
  • Flock, Gaggle (grounded), Skein (flying) of Geese

Collective Nouns for Birds G-W

  • Gaggle of geese
  • Gang, Rafter of Turkeys
  • Gatling of woodpeckers
  • Gulp of Cormorants
  • Herd of Wrens
  • Hill of Ruffs
  • Horde, Murder of Crows
  • Host of Sparrows
  • Kettle (flying), Venue of Vultures
  • Kettle of hawks
  • Knob, Plump of Waterfowls
  • Lamentation of swans
  • Mews of Capons
  • Mob of Emus
  • Murmuration of Starlings
  • Muster of peacocks
  • Mustering of Storks
  • Muster, Ostentation of Peacocks
  • Mutation of Thrushes
  • Nest, Nide, Nye, of Pheasant Pack (later in the hunting season) of Grouse
  • Nye/nide of pheasants
  • Ostentation of peacocks
  • Paddling of ducks
  • Pandemonium of parrots
  • Parliament of Owls/Rooks
  • Party, Scold of Jays
  • Peep of chickens
  • Piteousness of doves
  • Pitying, Dule of Turtle Doves
  • Plump of Waterfowl/Wildfowl
  • Pod of Pelicans
  • Prattle of parrots
  • Rafter of Turkeys
  • Rookery of Albatross
  • Rookery of Penguins
  • Run of poultry
  • Sedge of Bitterns
  • Siege, Sedge of Cranes
  • Sedge, Siege of Herons
  • Skein of geese/pheasants
  • Skulk of larks/quail
  • Sord (flying), Brace (two that have been hunted and killed) of Mallards
  • Spring of Teal
  • Squabble of seagulls
  • Stand of Flamingos
  • Storytelling, Unkindness of Ravens
  • Trip of Dotterel
  • Ubiquity of sparrows
  • Volary of birds
  • Wake of Buzzards/Vultures
  • Walk, Wisp of Snipe
  • Watch of Nightingales
  • Wreck of Seabirds

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