Complex Sentences for Kids with Examples

I have put up quite some posts on the complex sentence in English. There is the post on 25 Examples of Complex Sentences and also 10 Examples of Complex Sentences. This particular post presents complex sentences for kids with examples. Kids, who also read Akademia, deserve to be carried along in the explanation of a complex sentence.

The same goes for those who use this platform in teaching their kids at home or at school. In the light of this, I will not like to leave out the kids when it comes to a clear and simple understanding of what a complex sentence is. So if you have got some kids you need to teach complex sentence, whether your children, your pupils or students, this post complex sentences for kids is just appropriate for them.

Complex Sentences for Kids with Examples

In explaining a complex sentence to a kid, what would you say it is? Well, let me provide a simple definition. A complex sentence is a type of sentence in English which has only one main clause, just like the simple sentence, but with, at least, one additional clause that cannot stand on its own.

The clause that cannot stand on its own, which we call a dependent or subordinate clause, can be more than one; but at least, such clause must be present in a sentence plus the main clause (that can stand on its own) for a sentence to qualify a complex sentence. How about that for a kiddo!

Complex Sentence Examples for Kids

Having given a description of complex sentence for kids, let us now provide kids’ friendly examples of a complex sentence…

  1. I will play games when I get home.
  2. I don’t like him because he beats me.
  3. When I finish my assignments, I will play outside.
  4. My parents hug me before they leave the house.
  5. While watching the television last night, I slept off.
  6. Whenever we go to the store, we always buy ice cream.
  7. Watching my friends board the plane, I felt lonely.
  8. When I grow up, I will become the president.
  9. If you do not come to school regularly, you will not do well in tests.
  10. After playing football for 30 minutes, the children became tired.
  11. While I was in primary school, I travelled to the village every weekend.
  12. If I don’t do my assignments, my teacher will punish me.
  13. If granny comes tomorrow, I will go back with her to the village.
  14. Anytime I see my uncle, I think of Santa Claus.
  15. While waiting for the school bus, the rain began to fall.
  16. The kids like animations because it entertains them.
  17. When my father returns from the office, he will take me out.
  18. Unless we pay our fees, we will not be allowed into the school.
  19. Before leaving the house every morning, we pray.
  20. After we collect our results, we must show them to our parents.

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