Words that End in Z with Definitions and Examples

The letter Z is the 26th and the last letter of the English alphabet. Unlike other letters like the vowels that have a frequency of appearance in words, the letter ‘z’ does not have much frequency. Also, words that end in ‘z’ are not easy to come by. That is why I present to you in this post Words that End in Z with Definitions and Examples.

Words that End in Z with Definitions and Examples

I have categorised these words that end in ‘z’ in the number of letters that make them up. Let us see these words. I have tried to provide the meanings of these words. So you get to know the word and you also get to know its meaning. Here we go.

Words that End in Z

We will look at 7-letter words, 6-letter words and other words that end in z…

 7-letter Words that End in Z


This is a noun that means an attractive combination of vitality and glamour; the quality of being exciting or attractive: such as glamour or vitality.

  • A summer collection with pizzazz
  • Some cosy vest options that will help add some functional pizzazz to your workout look.
  • Marketing studies found that midsize customers were in the mood for a bit more styling pizzazz.

Pizzazz Synonyms

Merriam Webster listed the following as synonyms for pizzazz: allure, animal magnetism, appeal, attractiveness, captivation, charisma, charm, enchantment, fascination, force field, glamour (also glamor), magic, magnetism, oomph, seductiveness, witchery, etc. 


A noun that means a person’s nose; specifically: a large nose

  • His damned schnozz is busted!
  • The 2019 Sierra is larger overall, has a bolder schnoz and uses new lighting technology to dramatic effect.
  • In New York, new patients would plop down, hand over their phone, and complain about how their schnoz looked in selfies.


A noun which refers to a collective farm of the former U.S.S.R.


A kibbutz literally means a “gathering, clustering”. It is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture; it is a settlement, usually agricultural, organised under collectivist principles. The first kibbutz, established in 1909, was Degania.

More 7-letter Words that End in Z


This is a verb, which one must not confuse with kibbutz. ‘To kibbitz’ means to stand around talking and making wisecracks, and it can also mean to give someone advice and commentary when they are trying to work. A kibbitzer is a person who likes to kibbitz.

  • Watching the men play roulette, a passer-by began to kibbitz and tell the gamblers where to place their bets.
  • It might be hard for you not to kibbitz during your younger brother’s chess game, especially if you consider yourself an expert.


A noun that a state-owned wage-paying farm in the former Soviet Union.


This is a noun (informal) that refers to banal exaggerated sentimentalism, as in music or soap operas. It is also a derogatory term used to describe straight jazz. Schmalz also refers to fat or grease, especially of a chicken.

  • And then the pounds and pounds of butter were all wanted for schmalz.


Showbiz is a vernacular term for show business. It may also refer to ‘stage name’, a pseudonym used by entertainers – sometimes termed a “showbiz name”

  • The actor has become known as one of the biggest action heroes in showbiz.


Chalutz person who immigrates to Israel to establish or join a settlement for accomplishing tasks, as clearing the land or planting trees, that are necessary to the future development of the country. A member of an organization of immigrants to Israeli agricultural settlements.

6 Letter Words that End in Z 


This is a variant of pizzazz


This is a variant of pizazz


This is a hard mineral consisting of silica, found widely in igneous and metamorphic rocks and typically occurring as colourless or white hexagonal prisms. It is often coloured by impurities (as in amethyst, citrine, and Cairngorm).


Any of a breed of large, sturdily built dog with a white coat, long and wavy on the back and legs, originally used to herd sheep and as a guard dog.


Kolkoz is a French art collective consisting of Samuel Boutruche and Benjamin Moreau. The two artists both live and work in Paris under the kolkoz moniker. They create art in a diverse range of mediums that spans from video to sculpture and installation. One of their recent series turns the idea of framing art on its head.


This refers to a collective farm in the former Soviet Union.


This is a variant of Kolkhoz                  


This is a variant of Kibbitz 


This is a variant Schnozz or Schnoz         


A printed multi-coloured cotton fabric with a glazed finish, used for curtains and upholstery. E. g.

  • a floral chintz curtains


A thin pancake folded or rolled around a filling, as of cheese or fruit, and fried or baked. It is also called blintze.

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This refers to any of several varieties of emmer. Emmer is an ancient tetraploid wheat that has spikelets with two hard red kernels which remain in the glumes after threshing and that has been cultivated especially in southwest Asia, northeast Africa, and Europe.


A variant spelling of chalutz


This is a verb that means to squirt or spray a liquid at or on to (something) in quick, short bursts; spray (a liquid) in quick, short bursts.

  • She spritzed her neck with cologne.
  • She spritzed some perfume behind her ears.

As a noun, it refers to an act of squirting or spraying liquid in short bursts or the liquid sprayed.


This is an adjective that refers to a product made or used as a substitute, typically an inferior one, for something else. E. g. ersatz coffee. It means not real or genuine; as in ersatz emotion.

Its synonyms include: artificial, substitute, imitation, synthetic, fake, false, faux, mock, simulated, pseudo, sham, bogus, spurious, counterfeit, forged, pretended, so-called, plastic, manufactured, man-made, unnatural, fabricated, replica, reproduction, facsimile, inferior, low-quality, poor-quality, low-grade, shoddy, substandard, unsatisfactory, adulterated, etc.

Other words that end in Z

Let us consider some other 3 to 5 Letter words that end in ‘z’. They include the following:


This refers to buzzing; that is, filled with buzzing or a sound like it, often as a result of lively conversation or activity as in:

  • The lake is abuzz with outboards.
  • The town is abuzz with excitement.


Adz is a woodworking tool; a tool similar to an axe, with an arched blade set at right angles to the handle. It is used in trimming and shaping wood.


It is used as a short form for business: a business of a particular type, typically involving fashion, entertainment, or the media (slang) as in:

  • He is into showbiz.


The bombing of British cities in WW II: the intensive, systematic and night-time bombing of British cities by the German Air Force (German Luftwaffe) between 1940 and 1941. It also refers to an intensive aerial campaign – air raid; it means an intensive non-military campaign; a sudden overwhelming bombardment, as in:

  • It was a season of an advertising blitz.

Blitz also refers to a rush of the passer-by the defensive linebackers in football. 


German nickname for a little fellow, from Low German dialect word meaning ‘buttocks’, ‘stump’. It also means an inferior grade of diamond used for cutting and drilling or, in powdered form, as an industrial abrasive.

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This is a noun that refers to a steady humming sound,  a low humming sound like that of a bee as in:

  • I heard the low buzz of insects flitting over the flowers.

It also refers to the following:

  • a low murmur of conversation made by a group of people, especially when they are excited or interested in something as in:
    • There was a buzz of voices emerging from the living room.
  • electronic humming sound as in the sound made by a buzzer.
  • a feeling of excitement or satisfaction often linked with a sense of achievement (informal) as in:
    • It gives me a tremendous buzz to hear someone say the lines I wrote.
  • a feeling of intoxication (slang)
  • a telephone call to somebody (informal)
  • the latest gossip or information within an industry or a locale (informal) as in:
    • The buzz at the festival was that he’d pick up an award for best director.
  • fad: a short-lived interest or enthusiasm (informal)
  • publicity, or interest generated by publicity (informal) as in:
    • The new book is generating a lot of buzz.


As a verb, it means to:

  • make a steady low humming sound like that of a bee
  • be animated by the talk or activity of people as in:
    • The room was buzzing with excitement.
  • move around speedily and busily as in:
    • The players were buzzing around in small cars that dodged through
  • activate a buzzer
  • admit somebody to a building by activating an electronic system that controls a door as in:
    • I am waiting for them to buzz me in
  • make an electronic humming noise when activated as in:
    • When the timer buzzes, turn the oven down.
  • be filled with anxious or excited thoughts as in:
    • My head was buzzing with all the things I’d heard that night.
  • be filled with a continuous ringing sound, especially after being exposed to loud noise as in:
    • My ears were buzzing after the concert.
  • call somebody on the telephone or on an intercom (informal)
  • to fly an aircraft low over people or buildings, or across the path of other aircraft (informal)


Capiz is the bivalve shell of a mollusc (Placuna placenta) found especially in the Philippines and having a smooth translucent shiny interior: used in jewellery, ornaments, lampshades, etc. (also called) jingle shell, window shell. 


This is a preposition pronounced as / ʃeɪ/ which means at the home of; with, among, or in the manner of; at somebody’s home or business premises, especially a restaurant. 


It is an archaic word for cousin: used chiefly as a term of address.


This refers to an irrational person: somebody considered to be silly or scatter-brained (slang insult) a ditsy (eccentrically silly, giddy, or inane) person.


A City in Northern Morocco, northeast of Casablanca. The oldest of the country’s four imperial cities, it is about 161 km east of Rabat. Fez is also a brimless felt hat shaped like a cone with a flat top, usually red with a black tassel, worn by men in eastern Mediterranean and North African countries. In the past, it was the national headdress of Turkish men.


A verb that means to produce bubbles of gas, make a hissing or continuous soft crackling sound. As a noun, fizz means effervescence: the sparkling quality of a drink caused by bubbles of gas, a hissing or continuous soft crackling sound, a quality of liveliness or excitement as in:

  • All the fizz has gone out of the election campaign.

Fizz also refers to a sparkling drink, especially champagne.


This refers to a state of disorder or disrepair; out of order or not working properly used in the phrase on the fritz.


In reference to hair, this means to form into a mass of small tight curls or tufts, or be curled in this way. As a noun, it means a mass of tightly curled or tufted hair: frizzed hair. 


This verb means to fool around; often used with around as in:

  • She was futzing around without producing any worthwhile music.

It also means to fritter time away: to spend time frivolously, lazily, or aimlessly

  • He spends hours futzing with that computer.


This is transitive and an intransitive verb that means to cover something with fuzz: to become covered with fuzz, or cover something with fuzz as in:

  • There are some sweaters that fuzz after the first wash.

It also means blur; to make something such as an image or explanation blurred or unclear, or become blurred or unclear as in:

  • All this talk has fuzzed my brain.

Fuzz, as a noun, means a mass or covering of fine or curly hairs, fibres, etc. 


Liturgical Ethiopian: an ancient language formerly spoken in Ethiopia and still the liturgical language in the Ethiopian Christian Church. 


This refers to glamour, especially that associated with show business or celebrities; a flashy show of wealth; that is, extravagant and often tasteless display, especially of wealth – extravagant showiness. 


Polish currency unit: a subunit of Polish currency. 


This is a title for a person who knows the Koran by heart. 


The unit of frequency: the SI unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second. Symbol Hz named after Heinrich Hertz.


This is a popular syncopated popular music that originated among black people in New Orleans in the late 19th century and is characterized by syncopated rhythms and improvisation. Jazz originally drew on ragtime, gospel, black spiritual songs, West African rhythms, and European harmonies.

Jazz, as a noun, also means:

  • unnamed related things or belongings (slang)
    • He likes a new motorcycle and all the jazz that comes with it.
  • blather; that is, information or ideas regarded as untrue, misconceived, or misleading (slang)
    • Don’t be fooled if she starts giving you that jazz about being broke.
  • liveliness; an animated enthusiasm or vivacity (slang)

As a verb, jazz means

  • to listen to jazz, to play or dance to jazz music.
  • to exaggerate; that is, to engage in exaggeration (slang)
  • to tell lies or a lie to somebody (slang)
    • Stop jazzing me and tell me where you really were!


An interjection (slang) expressing surprise, enthusiasm, or annoyance. 


This is an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody’s physical coordination, social skills or intelligence. 


This is a jump in which the skater takes off from the back outside edge of one skate, makes one, two, or three turns in the air, and lands on the back outside edge of the other skate. 


Nertz is a fast-paced, real-time, multiplayer card game involving multiple decks of playing cards. It is often described as a combination of the card games Speed and Solitaire.


It is an interjection that refers to a call for silence: used, usually three times in succession, to call for silence and indicate that an official announcement is about to be made, e.g. in court or by a town crier. It also refers informally to call for attention, used to get somebody’s attention. 


This is a slang referring to face; somebody’s face. It is a shortening of physiognomy. 


This is a verb that means to collapse or faint, as from surprise, excitement, or exhaustion. 


This is a slang that means the same as president.


An informal word that refers to an unintelligent person; somebody regarded as very unintelligent and unpleasant (insult)


As a noun, it refers to a test of knowledge in the form of a short or rapid series of questions. As a transitive verb, it means to give a short test to a class of pupils or students. It also means to interrogate somebody; subject somebody to sustained close questioning as in:

  • She was quizzed about the disappearance of the money.

Finally, it means to peer at somebody or to look intently at somebody.


It means to tease or make fun of somebody. As a noun, it refers to raspberry: a raspberry noise.         


This noun means a pretentious, an extravagant or ostentatious display of something. It refers to any very luxurious and expensive establishment: usually used with a negative connotation as in:

  • This isn’t the Ritz, you know.

The phrase put on the ritz means to make a show of wealth and extravagance; to assume a superior air or make an ostentatious display. 


This refers to something disgusting dirty, disgusting, or disreputable (slang)

It also means offensive term for somebody regarded as unpleasant and contemptible. Scuzzy is an adjective that means unkempt, dirty, or squalid; perhaps from disgusting or perhaps from a blend of scum and fuzz.


This refers to any of a series of Russian spacecraft used to ferry crew to and from space stations.


This refers to a dog belonging to a breed that has a pointed muzzle, erect pointed ears, and a tightly curled tail.


Topaz is a transparent brown gemstone: a usually brown, transparent precious stone. It also refers to a yellowish gemstone, especially yellow sapphire or a yellow variety of quartz. Topaz refers to a vividly coloured hummingbird with yellowish a throat native to the South American rainforest.


This is the same as trews, meaning short trousers, close-fitting plaid pants: close-fitting pants, usually made of plaid cloth, worn by some Scottish army regiments.


As a noun, waltz refers to a ballroom dance in triple time in which a couple turn continuously while moving around. It is also a music for a waltz or a concert composition in 3/4 time. As both an intransitive and a transitive verb, it means ‘to dance waltz, to move or advance in a lively or conspicuous manner; flounce, to advance easily and successfully; breeze, often used with through, to approach boldly, used with up, as in: we can’t just waltz up and introduce ourselves. It also means ‘to grab and lead (as a person) unceremoniously, march.


This is an intransitive verb that means hum; that is, to make a humming, hissing, or buzzing noise. It also means to move swiftly with a humming, hissing, or buzzing noise, or make something do this, as in: bullets are whizzing past. Whiz also means to move quickly, move or travel somewhere rapidly as in:

  • He whizzed down to the store.

Informally, whiz also means to throw something, especially with a spin, or make something spin, as in:

  • He whizzed the ball right past the catcher.

As a noun, whiz means an expert; somebody who is very skilled at something, as in: he is a computer whiz. It also refers to a humming, hissing, or buzzing sound; a fast movement: a fast movement, often accompanied by a humming, hissing, or buzzing sound.


This is another spelling of whiz.


Wiz is a shortening of a wizard and partly a variant of whiz.


In British slang, yutz refers to as a fool; a stupid person. In American parlance, it means a person variously regarded as ineffectual, foolish, disagreeable, contemptible, etc. 


Zizz refers to a nap; brief sleep.


This is a noun that refers to an ancient Hebrew silver coin. 


a representation of the sound made by somebody sleeping or snoring, often used in cartoons (humorous)

Closing Thoughts

I am quite sure you have learnt some new words and you vocabulary bank has been enriched. Please, do share this with your friends, especially the ones who play Scrabble. You can also check out other similar posts listed below to learn something you did not know before now.

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