Compound-Complex Sentence with Meaning and Examples

I have reiterated the fact that there are several sentence types in English which one must be conversant with. This post tagged Compound-Complex Sentence with Meaning and Examples centres on just one of them: the Compound-Complex Sentence. Let us see what it is all about…

Compound-Complex Sentence with Meaning and Examples

Apart from the Compound-Complex Sentence, there are other types of sentences in English. We have the Simple Sentence, the Complex sentence and the Compound Sentence among other types of sentences. Since our focus is on the compound-complex sentence, let us begin with its definition and then go ahead to provide examples; shall we?

Compound-Complex Sentence

A compound-complex sentence is one of the types of sentences classifications in English structure. (See Types of Sentences According to Structure). We classify English sentences based on the way they appear (structure) and what they do (function). These are the two basic classifications. (See Types of Sentences According to Function).

A compound-complex sentence is so called because of the presence of two independent clauses and, at least, a subordinate or dependent clause. The post, The English Clause, provides a clear explanation of what a clause is. You can also see Types of Clauses in English. A compound-complex sentence conveys three ideas expressed in two clauses joined by any of the three coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or) or the marginal coordinator ‘yet’, a semicolon, ‘nor’, ‘so’ or ‘so’; which has the popular acronym, FAN BOYS.

Compound Complex Sentence Definition

In a nutshell, a compound-complex sentence is a sentence that has two main clauses in addition to, at least, one subordinate or dependent clause.

Compound-Complex Sentence Examples

Below are compound-complex sentence examples which have been culled from live texts.

  • He should be arrested immediately and the management should contact me if they are in doubt.
  • We are sound academically but this situation allows tongues to wag because of what they have seen in the past.
  • If you are not as reserved as your brother, you will notice the comments and take action as appropriate.
  • In order to solve the problem, just report yourself to the authorities and they will know the next step to follow.
  • The police should arrest this man and prosecute him if he fails to present himself to the command.
  • If the necessary steps are taken, the issue will be resolved very quickly and the truth will become glaring.

You can also find below more examples of compound-complex sentence as presented in numbered units:

5 Examples of Compound-Complex Sentences

Here are five examples of compound-complex sentences:

  1. Our correspondent obtained the certificate from a reliable source in the school and the Director, Public Communications, spoke on Monday after receiving a copy of the certificate from our correspondent.
  2. Singapore launches ‘World Peace’ medallion to mark Trump-Kim summit and MasterCard ends the meals-for-goals campaign with Neymar, Messi while Nigeria clears $600m belonging to international airlines.
  3. He claimed to have a PhD in Economics and his arrival reportedly led to the removal of his predecessor because the latter had a master’s degree as of then.
  4. He refused to produce his purported PhD certificate since he submitted only a notification of result but the authorities mounted pressure on him.
  5. The Registrar demanded the certificate in an official memo and the committee set up had no proof of the PhD certificate before the matter came into the open.

10 Examples of Compound-Complex Sentences

Here are ten examples of compound-complex sentences:

  1. When we contacted the institution, the school had no record of the student and the purported matriculation number was fraudulent.
  2. There was no record in the Department where he claimed to have bagged the doctorate but he had just obtained his certificate from the school.
  3. He refused to release the certificate but only allowed sighting because it was his personal copy.
  4. Although the board of directors had seen a copy of it He did not submit the certificate to the School but our correspondent obtained a copy through a source.
  5. While maintaining our earlier stance on the matter, He did not graduate from us and we have no record of the certificate.
  6. You may never see me or interrogate me face to face if you come to my office.
  7. Because I started with them, they can never deny the receipt for the payments or discountenance my course registration form.
  8. They won’t have a record of the PhD if they don’t have record for the other ones because it is in the same file but they might not admit their mistake.
  9. If they don’t lay hands on my file, they won’t have my number and obviously, they won’t even have my name.
  10. The Board for Technical Education had no power to investigate the case and the Police Command refused to investigate because it was not aware of a petition on the matter.

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