Compound Sentences for Kids with Examples

Hello there, permit me to show you how you can explain Compound Sentences for Kids with Examples. Who says the kids can’t learn what a compound sentence is and other types of sentences we have in English? This post is targeted at the kids in explaining to them a compound sentence and its examples. Let us get to it…

Compound Sentences for Kids with Examples

We can simply say a compound sentence is on that has two main clause joined together by a conjunction; now it is not just any kind of conjunction, but a coordinating conjunction.

By way of explanation, a coordinating conjunction is one that joins items of equal grammatical weight together and there are three of them in English. They are:

  • But
  • And
  • Or

A coordinating conjunction does not belong to any of the clauses it joins together. It merely serves as a bridge for connecting the two clauses together.

In further explaining a compound sentence, it does not contain any subordinate clause. Kids can always look out for this when trying to identify a compound sentence. Let us proceed to see various examples of compound sentences for kids; shall we?

Compound Sentence Examples for kids 

  1. Children like food and they like sleep.
  2. The toys are old but they are still good.
  3. My father travels a lot but finds time to play with us.
  4. The food is hot but it is delicious.
  5. Obedience is a good virtue but many kids are disobedient.
  6. The holidays are here and we will go skydiving.
  7. He promised her a gift but he left it at home.
  8. Close the door or get out of the house!
  9. Will you stay at home or go with your aunt to the shop?
  10. We want some snacks but we do not have money.
  11. Roses are usually red but some have other colours.
  12. Teach a child the right way and he will not forget it.
  13. The sun is shining and it is a nice day.
  14. He was skating on the ice and fell.
  15. The house has a secret passage but nobody knows it.
  16. Everyone wants to be rich but not everyone is diligent.
  17. Do you want chocolate or you prefer cookies?
  18. The day is bright and it is fair.
  19. Kill the terrorist or take him alive.
  20. She is beautiful but she talks too much.

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