Compound Sentence with Semicolon Examples

There are compound sentences that, in terms of structure, they appear in a different way. Usually, a compound sentence is joined by a coordinating conjunction; but there are instances in which it is the semicolon that separates the two clauses that form a compound sentence. So, the post, Compound Sentence with Semicolon Examples is to give you samples of such sentence.

In addition, the marginal coordinator, yet, also, in some instances, joins compound sentences together (See Compound Sentences with Yet). So aside from the obvious coordinators that join two clauses together to form a compound sentence, some other linguistic items can also join compound sentences together such as for, nor, so, etc. But our emphasis here is on Compound Sentence with Semicolon Examples.

Compound Sentence with Semicolon Examples

If you have been following our posts, you will know by now what a compound sentence is. You can see Types of Sentence According to Structure for more clarity and also Compound Sentence in English. Let us see Compound Sentence with Semicolon Examplesshall we?

Examples of Compound Sentences with Semicolon

  1. I don’t need the President; I need God.
  2. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.
  3. I need Jesus; there is suffering everywhere.
  4. There are experts in that; let them empower the people.
  5. It was the age of wisdom; it was the ages of foolishness.
  6. These things don’t happen in isolation; it is a culture there.
  7. He can’t take it anymore; he has no choice anyway.
  8. She got the materials; they were all a waste.
  9. It was the epoch of belief; it was the epoch of incredulity.
  10. Soldiers face wars daily; they face inner battles too.
  11. It was a noble achievement; it is time to enjoy the dividends.
  12. Will the money suffice; will the suffering stop?
  13. Anytime is no time; anybody is nobody.
  14. It was the spring of hope; it was the winter of despair.
  15. Do your bit and best; count your blessings.

More Examples of Compound Sentences with Semicolon 

  1. It is a possibility; are you ready for the task?
  2. It was the season of Light; it was the season of darkness.
  3. We had everything before us; we had nothing before us.
  4. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean; little grains of sand make a beauteous heap.
  5. Let something drop; at the drop of a hat.
  6. What shall be their fate; when this is all over?
  7. It was a time of war; it was a time of peace.
  8. We were all going direct to heaven; we were all going the other way.
  9. A Nurse Memoir about Life, read it with tears; read it with joy.
  10. Out of darkness came light; out of death came life.


Going through these sentences will certainly give you the idea of what a compound sentence with semicolon looks like with the context intact. You can generate more sentences of your own. Remember to share this post with your friends and check out other related posts. See you around.

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